BVI Company Formation

BVI company formation is done in the British Virgin Islands which is a tax haven and offers many offshore services such as offshore banking and offshore trust formation. The BVI offshore company is...

BVI Offshore Services

BVI offshore services are a wide range of offshore services which are offered in the offshore tax haven of the British Virgin Islands. In order for these services to be offered the proper...

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BVI Tax Haven

BVI tax haven or is one of many tax havens which can be found in the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands have long established themselves as one of the most progressive offshore tax havens in available, offering excellent services to a large clientele. The BVI tax haven is well known for its BVI offshore company, BVI trust and offshore banking. For many years the BVI tax haven has been in existence and continues to thrive as an offshore jurisdiction and tax haven.

As an international financial services center, the BVI offer numerous tax saving prospects. This is due to its diverse offshore financial services and the great supervisory work of the financial services authority. We provide second citizenship programs which make it easier to lower tax liability and to conduct inheritance and succession planning.

As a tax haven the British Virgin Islands makes tax exemptions available for offshore companies, offshore trusts and offshore bank accounts. A tax havens most important characteristic is providing tax exemptions or tax rates which are very low when compared to that of other countries. Tax exemptions are given for the following taxes in the British Virgin Islands tax haven: income tax, corporate tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty and others. Tax exemptions are granted on income gained outside of the offshore tax haven of the British Virgin Islands. Offshore trusts and offshore bank accounts benefits from these tax exemptions. Tax exemptions in BVI offshore tax haven are granted by legislation in the offshore jurisdiction.

Asset protection in BVI offshore tax haven is provided for offshore companies as stipulated by legislation. Offshore company law in the offshore tax haven makes it difficult for creditors and other parties to get access to the assets of BVI offshore companies. other advantages of the tax haven of the BVI are offshore companies have no financial reporting to do at the end of the financial year to the local tax authorities and BVI offshore company legislation allows an offshore company incorporated in the tax haven to hold shareholders meetings at any location and time convenient to the shareholders of the company.

The BVI Companies law of 2004 allows the tax haven of British Virgin Islands to incorporate companies in the jurisdiction which can operate as offshore companies and have all the benefits and advantages of offshore companies. offshore company incorporation in the tax haven of BVI means a company which enjoys tax exemptions from all location forms of taxation which corresponds to corporations in the tax haven of BVI. The BVI offshore company can do business in countries around the world and these companies are mostly used as trading companies.

Offshore banking in the tax haven of the BVI is done by highly recommended offshore banks in the offshore jurisdiction. The services offered by offshore banks in British Virgin Islands are exceptional. Offshore bank accounts are not taxed locally and legislation supporting offshore banking in the offshore tax haven of the British Virgin Islands is very progressive legislation.

BVI tax haven is one of the most stable offshore jurisdictions available today for offshore company incorporation, offshore banking and other offshore services. asset protection is provided, therefore persons interested in safeguarding their wealth have will make an excellent choice in choosing the British Virgin Islands tax haven.

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