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BVI company formation is done in the British Virgin Islands which is a tax haven and offers many offshore services such as offshore banking and offshore trust formation. The BVI offshore company is...

BVI Offshore Services

BVI offshore services are a wide range of offshore services which are offered in the offshore tax haven of the British Virgin Islands. In order for these services to be offered the proper...

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BVI Offshore Companies

BVI offshore companies are registered according to the stipulations of the BVI companies Law of 2004. BVI offshore companies are amongst the best offshore companies offered today. BVI is just one of the offshore services which are currently offered in the tax haven. A BVI offshore company has many advantages including tax exemptions, provides asset protection and benefits from privacy laws among others.

We work closely with other incorporators and agents who are in the business of creating opportunities for wealth and asset management, asset protection and asset planning. This is done through BVI companies and second citizenship by investment so that corporations can make the best of low tax jurisdictions. Dual nationality programs, like Dominica Citizenship by Investment visit make it possible for overseas residents to invest in other countries and access favorable tax conditions.

When considering tax planning a BVI offshore company is a great tool. The BVI offshore companies receive tax exemptions from a number of local taxes providing that income is earned outside of the British Virgin Islands. Tax exemptions are given for the following taxes: Corporate tax, income tax, capital gains tax, withholding tax and Stamp Duty among others. Since the BVI offshore company pays no local taxes then there is no need for this company to file annual audits and financial reports with the local tax authorities in the British Virgin Islands. A BVI offshore company must pay an annual license renewal fee to remain in Good Standing in the offshore tax haven.

BVI offshore companies are given privacy in that the name of the shareholders and directors of the company is not kept in public records. The names of company shareholders and directors are filed with the Registrar of Companies but this information is not made public. This information is known by one other party; the offshore registered agent. As far as privacy goes financial records, these can be kept anywhere the shareholders and directors of the BVI offshore company choose.

A BVI offshore company is has all the rights of an individual in the BVI therefore all assets registered with the offshore company belong to that company. Legislation makes a BVI offshore company the perfect asset protection tool. The assets of offshore companies in the BVI are protected by laws which make it difficult for foreign creditors and other parties to go after these assets.

BVI offshore company incorporation is a simple process which is handled by offshore service providers or registered agent in the offshore tax haven. All offshore companies must be incorporated by a registered agent in the BVI. Offshore company formation in the BVI takes just about two (2) days to complete. The registered agent prepares the incorporation documents for BVI companies and files them with the Registrar of Companies who will issue the company with a Certificate of Incorporation providing that all criteria is met by the persons registering the company. A registration fee must be paid when submitting incorporation documents.

BVI offshore companies can be used for many purposes. The most common use for BVI offshore companies to date is as trading companies. These companies can also be used as holding companies and if the appropriate licenses are given a BVI offshore company will be able to provide certain financial services.

Offshore companies formation in the British Virgin Islands is not expensive and the offshore companies are easy to maintain and have a flexible structure. Just one shareholder and one company director is needed for incorporation and the same individual can fill both positions.

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