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BVI company formation is done in the British Virgin Islands which is a tax haven and offers many offshore services such as offshore banking and offshore trust formation. The BVI offshore company is...

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BVI offshore services are a wide range of offshore services which are offered in the offshore tax haven of the British Virgin Islands. In order for these services to be offered the proper...

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BVI Offshore Company

BVI offshore company is one of the most requested offshore services in the British Virgin Islands. A BVI offshore company can be set up form many purposes including to be used as a holding company, a trading company or simply to be used for holding assets. The BVI offshore company is supported by modern legislation; in fact the BVI offshore company legislation was changed in 2004 to provide a more efficient offshore company for clients.

Flexibility, adaptability and numerous tax incentives are obtained from BVI offshore corporations. These are characteristics which when added to a sound international asset protection strategy that includes as second citizenship makes it possible for businessmen to take investment risks. BVI offshore companies are able to trade anywhere in the world and so by having a second passport, an investor can engage in international trading activity. To obtain second citizenship or Dominica Citizenship , licensed agent is required as citizenship by investment programs are heavily regulated.

BVI offshore companies have a very simple structure which is also very flexible. For offshore company formation in the BVI tax haven only one shareholder is required by law. One director is sufficient for offshore company formation in the British Virgin Islands tax haven. Corporate shareholders and directors can be used to form offshore companies and the law does not require that the individuals or corporations used for company formation be residents of the tax haven of BVI.

A BVI offshore company is useful and one of its best advantages is the fact that this offshore company can be used for tax planning. In present day the concern to protect wealth is growing and one of the avenues to do so is by incorporating a BVI offshore company. As a tax haven the BVI has no taxes in place for income gained outside of the jurisdiction and since offshore companies do not operate in the country of registration then they pay no local taxes. BVI offshore companies receive tax exemptions on the following taxes; income tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax, withholding tax and other local tax. The BVI offshore company has the responsibility of paying a registration fee and an annual license renewal fee to maintain Good Standing in the offshore jurisdiction.

As far as offshore asset protection goes the BVI Company is able to provide this. Offshore company law in the BVI treats a BVI company as a legal entity and all shares or other assets registered with a BVI belongs to the company and this makes it difficult for outside parties to go after any the asset of any individual (shareholder or director) who has connections with the offshore company. The BVI Company laws also makes provisions for confiscation of assets by foreign government or courts allowing the BVI offshore companies to apply to the BVI court to discontinue the seizure.

BVI offshore companies can operate in any country in the world. These BVI companies are more frequently used to engage in trading around the world but BVI offshore companies have other uses such as holding companies, Investment Company, financial management company and many others. It is important to note that to carry out certain financial services or activities a BVI offshore company may need to apply for a special license.

BVI offshore companies shareholders and directors are protected by confidentiality laws in the offshore tax haven whereby the names of these persons are not filed as public records. The financial records of BVI offshore companies also remain private and are not filed with tax authorities in the offshore jurisdiction of BVI however it is advised that they are kept for the use of the offshore company and the officials of the company.

Offshore companies are in the British Virgin Islands are easy to incorporate with incorporating taking place in two working days. The cost of incorporation is small when compared to the benefits of a BVI offshore company.

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